If you’re in the market for a treatment that will eliminate the need for eyelash curlers and wake up your eyes, look no further than a lash lift and tint. This quick and pain-free process makes your lashes appear curled, darker, and longer.

During a lash lift, your how much is a lash lift and tint Artist will first apply a lifting solution to your natural lashes and then shape them into place using a silicone mold. After that, they’ll add a custom tint. The entire process usually takes an hour and will last up to six weeks.

Enhancing Your Eyes: Lash Tint and Lift Services in Sydney

The cost of a lash lift and tint will vary depending on your salon and location, but the average price is between $40-$75. You’ll typically pay more in larger cities, where prices reflect the cost of area rentals, tools, and a variety of other factors.

When you visit a lash specialist for the treatment, make sure to arrive with your contact lenses removed and with your face clean and free of any oils or creams. Your lash expert will begin with a consultation to discuss your desired results and assess your natural eyelashes and eye shape. For example, some people prefer a soft and natural look while others like a tighter curl. The lash lift will then take place, followed by a tint that can be customized to your color palette and the length you desire. Afterward, the lash artist may offer aftercare instructions to help your lashes retain their curl and color for as long as possible.

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