Picoscope automotive is optimized for ease of use with modern features to make the most of our latest automotive PC oscilloscopes. Guided tests, tutorials and a wide variety of presets help get first-time users up to speed quickly while advanced settings such as Math channels, waveform buffers and advanced triggers allow the experienced user to make the most of the scope.

PicoScope in Action: Exploring Automotive Diagnostics

Our smart probes automatically power up the scope when connected, allowing you to confidently perform long-duration captures such as battery parasitic drain and starter motor test. The channel status lights tell you which inputs are active and which are floating (allowing you to measure non-grounded signals such as CAN bus). Advanced “always on” memory technology and hardware acceleration keep the PC free from lag when capturing long sequences of data and our unique “pixel for pixel” display allows you to see more detail of your waveforms than ever before.

As vehicle complexity increases, a tool that gets to the heart of the problem has never been more valuable. With a PicoScope automotive oscilloscope, you can easily test the signal integrity of nearly every sensor or electrical component on the vehicle. This can be used to identify problems that are not detected by a scan tool such as intermittent wiring faults or faulty connectors. It can also be used to find mechanical problems such as crankshaft misalignment and slipped or incorrectly fitted belts and to reduce costly parts replacement by testing components directly.

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